Vidyaganapathy Nagar, St.Antoniyar Kovil Street, EB Road, Trichy - 8.
(An ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Institutions, Affiliation Number: 1930389)

About Us


Santhanam Vidhyalaya a School affiliated to CBSE was established by National College Council, Tiruchirappalli. The Affiliation Code of the School is 1930389. National College Council, a Society formed more than 100 years ago with the sole aim of providing Quality Education catering to the needs of different sections of the society.

Shri.K.Santhanam was a leading Chartered Accountant and Honorary Secretary of National College Council and for the Schools and Colleges run by the Council from 1.12.1975 to 21.3.2004. Shri.K.Santhanam was responsible for the development of the Institutions owned and run by the Council in the above period. He has also established many Institutions including Schools and Colleges. He passed away on 27.4.2007. He is with us guiding every one to achieve our goals.

As a mark of respect for the selfless services rendered by him, the new CBSE School was named after Shri.K.Santhanam by the Council.


Our School is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi vide code: 1930389 have been growing in public esteem due to the hard and efficient work of our Teachers, co-operation of Parents and a sound benign Administration at the helm. Vidya Seva Ratnam, Gurusevamani Shri.K.Santhanam, B.Com., F.C.A., the name itself a great honour to be proud of and an assurance for success. Shri.K.Santhanam has done outstanding service to the young generation of this city. He has developed many Educational Institutions. For a period of more than a quarter century, he has been giving his untiring efforts to the cause of Education. Now, every year much more than 10000 students are reaping the benefits of this efforts in the various institutions.

In continuance to his services, we are functioning under the guidance of our esteemed Secretary Shri.S.Kunjithapatham, B.Com., B.L., which itself is a great honour to be proud of and an assurance for success.

Shri.Thotta P.V.Ramanujam is the President of our School, offering guidance in all spheres from time to time for the growth of the Institution.

Dr.K.Meena, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.E (Comp.Science & Engg.,), M.I.E., Ph.D (Comp.Science & Engg.,), Former Vice Chancellor of Bharathidasan University is the Educational Advisor of the Vidhyalaya. Due to her constant encouragement the school has developed to a greater extent.

The fulfill the twin Mission and Vision of “Digital India”, “Make in India” of our Honorable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modiji, and to bring out the full potential of the youth, training is being provided to the students in various skills, to traverse the path and to reach with great height.

Our school strives to provide integral and holistic education by incorporating modern tools of teaching with traditional methods of learning, marching towards powerful Pedagogical approaches.

Shri.V.Sathyanarayan B.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.A., MBA., is the Principal of our School. Our School not only concentrate in academics but also in all aspects to compete with the 21st Century. The students are being encouraged to learn beyond the class room.

Mrs.B.Rekha is the Vice-Principal of our School. Our School concentrates towards the teaching-learning process. The modern teaching aids such as Digi Class, LCD Projects etc., are used for effective teaching. Extra-curricular activities including Sports, Fine Arts, Yoga, Takewondo etc., are also made available for the students.

Our Motto

“Wisdom is Wealth”

Our Vision

  • To offer a Holistic Education that helps children to realize their full potential, to open to a new consciousness and
              creators of next future.
  • Motivating students to become good citizens and contribute towards the upliftment of community.
  • Our Mission

    To work for a global movement towards Holistic Education which:

  • To strive for the development of all aspects of a Child’s personality.
  • To provide an environment and an opportunity to the Teachers, Parents and members of the Community for self-
              development and self-awareness. To encourage them to contribute to the growth of the children with the motto:
              “Every child is special and unique and must be helped to progress in freedom, joy and service”
  • To instill humane and cultural values in designing systems and environments to shape young minds in scientific
  • To encourage creative thoughts, performing arts in a joyful manner so that students will imbibe a spirit of
             tolerance and accommodativeness on the one hand and discipline in any group, team or community and become
            dutiful citizens of the country.