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Diary of Events

Diary of Events 2017 - 2018


WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY CELEBRATION : The “World Environment day” was celebrated in santhanam vidhyalaya. The programme was organized by science and social teachers of santhanam vidhyalaya. The classes from I to X students participated in that programme. Projects and models were displayed in the programme.


INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY : Santhanam Vidhyalaya School organized a programme for the yoga day. The students of III to X standard participated in the programme.


CHILD LABOUR DAY : To give awareness regarding the child labour, a programme was conducted in our school. The students from V to X std take part in various activities like drawing, poster making, speech etc.


NATIONAL LIBRARY DAY : Library Day is celebrated at our school premises. N.Swadharshini of VIII and K. VishwaPriya of VIII std delivered a speech about Dr.S.R. Renganathan, father of library and about important of books.


INDEPENDENCE DAY : Today we celebrated our 71st indepedence day in our school. We invited Dr. K.Meena, Former vice-chancellor of Bharadhidasan university, as chief guest. She is received by our students and the day begin with flag hoisting. Students from 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 10th delivered speech in Tamil, English and Hindi. Then students did Mass Drill, Yoga, Pyramid, Syllambum.


SPORTS DAY : Our school sports day is celebrated on 26th august 2017 Saturday. Our madam Dr. K. Meena has invited as chief guest. The day has begun with March past. While doing their Parade, our chief guest received their salute and then Olympic oath is read by our school pupil leader. Then sport meet is declared by our madam. Individual champions are awarded by our madam. Sports events are conducted for parents, students of all classes. Our students did mass drill, yoga, pyramid, Taekwondo, silambam and proved their strength.


RALLY FOR RIVERS : The students of our vidhyalaya from higher classes are made to form for “RALLY FOR RIVERS”. After the formation, the students of 9th& 10th are asked to attend a small meeting and they are made to say an oath.


SWACHH BHARATH : SWACHH BHARAT is celebrated in our Vidhyalaya on 30.08.2017. Our faculty Mrs.B.Usha Rani gave an introduction about swachh Bharat. The students of 7th , 8th ,9th and 10th std took part in speech. The students of 10th std conducted a Quiz for their junior. Posters and slogans are prepared by the students of 8th ,9th and10. Painting competition is held for the classes VI – X At the end, our Principal Mr.V. Sathya Narayan gave a small speech regarding cleanliness.


PCRA NATIONAL COMPETITION : In our vidhyalaya Essay Writing and Painting competition was conducted to the students of 8,9 and10. The winners are In Painting competition K.M.Deepak sanjjey, B.Lenin. in Essay writing:- B.A.Agnes Amritha of X std is as BEST in school level.


WORLD FOOD DAY : National food day is celebrated on 16.10.2017. Food relevant video clippings were shown to our students. The importance of food and vegetables were discussed. The students are advised to not waste food items.


HAND WASHING DAY : The students of V to X std of our vidhyalaya celebrated the “world hand wash day” on 15.10.2017. The students are advised to maintain clean environment.


SANFEST (INTER-SCHOOL COMPETITION) : On 4th November 2017 we have celebrated SANFEST ( An inter school competition) in which 15 schools were participated including our school in and around Trichy. Our students got wonderful experience and showed their talents and developed their confident level to compete with any of the students in the country. The whole idea , execution and made the SANFEST a grand success was possible with the 200% support by our educational advisor and beloved Madam.


WORLD EDUCATION DAY : To know the importance of education, relevant video clippings were shown to the students of VI to X std.


NATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR DAY : Our vidhyalaya conducted the activities regarding the Entrepreneur ship Day. A seminar was conducted by the students of X std. Posters were prepared by the students of IX std. The Oath was taken by the children through this day they proved a better Entrepreneurs’ of future India.


CHILDREN’S DAY : Children's day was celebrated in our school on 14.11.2018.


CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS : Christmas day was celebrated in our vidhyalaya. Small kids dressed as Santaclaus. All the students were given a sweet by him as a gift.


NATIONAL MATHEMATICS DAY : Once again the new idea and initiative from our school, First time in Tamilnadu we have celebrated National Mathematics Day in a Different Way. Learning Math Concepts through YOGA…! Students were made to show different angles like acute, Right, Obtuse straight angles and shapes like Rectangle, triangle, circle, parallel lines and symbol of pie in their Asana. Yoga and Math are inseparable; both will strengthen the mental ability. While performing these Asana, students were felt Math concepts are easy and understandable and never forget. Thanks to the management to give the wonderful support.


REPUBLIC DAY : Our vidhyalaya celebrated the “Republic Day” at school campus. Student of I to X std participated in the celebration. Our honourable chief guest Dr.K.Meena Madam hoisted the flag in our school campus.