The Journey of Santhanam Vidhyalaya

About Santhanam Vidhyalaya

With the benign blessings of Lord Vidya Ganapathy, the National College Council started its Educational Journey in the year 1886 along the banks of the river Cauvery and Rockfort with the motto Education Liberates.

Shri. S. Kunjithapatham, B.Com., B.L., the then Secretary, National College Council, Tiruchirappalli  started this CBSE School and named it as  Santhanam Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School in the year 2011, to honour the life and legacy of his beloved father  Vidya Seva Ratnam Shri. K. Santhanam, B.Com., F.C.A., Former Secretary, National College Council, Tiruchirappalli.

About Shri K. Santhanam

The name Vidya Seva Ratnam, Gurusevamani Shri. K. Santhanam, B.Com., F.C.A., itself is a great honour to be proud of and an assurance of success. As a Visionary Educator, an Acclaimed Chartered Accountant, an Ardent Patriotic and an Altruistic Philanthropist, he has done outstanding service to the young generation of Tiruchirapalli city.
Shri. K. Santhanam was the Secretary of the National College Council and for the Schools and Colleges run by the Council from 1.12.1975 to 21.3.2004. He was instrumental in developing all the Institutions under the Council in the above period. Now, every year more than 10,000 students are reaping the benefits of his efforts.
Though he passed away on 27.4.2007, he is still with all of us guiding us to achieve our goals.