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Swimming against the Tide-Take -aways from Mr.V.Kutraleeshwaran's Journey

We, SanthanamVidhayalaya proudly hosted a webinar on the “Excellence Series”with a well-known global personality Mr.V.Kutraleeshwaran, Former International Swimmer and Guinness Record Holder. The topic of interaction was “Swimming against the Tide-Take -aways from Mr.V.Kutraleeshwaran’s Journey”.

The interactive session commenced with our CEO Shri K.Chandrasekharan’s question to Mr.V.Kutraleeshwaran on”How his swimming interest started “?.To answer that, he shared his swimming journey and the immense support from his coach and parents. To emphasise the eureka moment, Our CEO sir quoted ” One need not be great to start rather need to start to be great”. He spoke about his long training periods and the sweat, self-discipline, perseverance he put to swim across different channels. He discussed the science behind swimming – sea forecast, time management, and technical failure during his Palk Strait accomplishment.

He described the sacrifices made by his family and friends to his overall success. He briefly discussed the surreal encounter with his role model, late honorable president Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam as a co-host during a show. He conferred about his journey from swimming to academics and spoke on the ‘Importance of Education’ as a fundamental crux to life.

Adding on, he described his time at ‘Intel’ as his first and the best corporate experience. He expressed his desire for Business Management and his days at Sloan School of Management, MIT.

He voiced the key takeaways from his MBA life and explained the role as an Investment banker for 5 + years in Citi bank.

In Conclusion, the CEO summarized the journey of the legend in few points to motivate all participants -1. “Every Child is a Genius. So, discover it”, 2.the importance of academics and sports,3. Self-discipline, humility, and humbleness, etc. 

The session ended with Mr. V. Kutraleeshwaran’s final words of encouragement to students and asked them to go behind health, knowledge & happiness and cultivate the art of giving back to society.

Career Advancement from an E&I Engineering Background to a new horizon, Robotics

We #SanthanamVidhyalaya were lucky to host a webinar on “STEM Series” By Mr. Kishhanth Renganathan, Chief of Technology Officer, Macco Robotics, Spain. The topic is “What it takes to become Iron Man?

The session started with an introduction of the speaker and his Career Advancement from an E&I Engineering Background to a new horizon, Robotics. He shared with the students”When His Passion For Robot and Its Related Field Started?”.and “Different Type Of Robots He Created In His early days”.

He played few videos on some of his robot collections and the use-cases involved in its Creation. He quoted few instances where he felt eager to create robots as a child and succeeded. A few of his creations were Line Following Robot, Beetle robot, Dog Robot, etc.

He described his internship life and his journey in FUNSKOOL and MAHINDRA REVA and finally to Macco Robotics. Further, he addressed himself as an avid traveler and discussed how it helped in building exposure to new robots created across the globe. He explained the usage of robots in various industries like Hospitality, Entertainment, and Education, etc.