Club Activities

The joys and benefits of experiential learning can never be overlooked. The school has a wide range of clubs that promote learning by combining recreational and educational factors. Representing interdisciplinary approaches to learning, the carefully selected activities of the clubs, focus on the entire gamut of development of learners in a cohesive manner. Every space inside and outside the school has become a platform where multifold learning experiences are garnered to support learning in all directions.

Benefits of clubs in Schools

Literary Club

Literary club conducts various activities to help the students to develop a taste for langue.

The Club functions with the following objectives:

Sports Club

The School is fortunate to have facilities within its own grounds for many sports. The list of different sporting activities allows for all students to find something they can enjoy and become part of a team, compete in games with other schools and earn medals and trophies.

Sport plays a large part in our students' education.

Math Club

Maths clubs increase engagement and show children that Maths can be playful, exciting and full of wonder. Holding a weekly Maths club lets us take off our curriculum jacket and work more informally with children while engaging them in a variety of activities for mathematical sense-making. Working with peers from other classes and year groups helps children develop their collaboration skills and cultivate their mathematical development. Positive attitudes are associated with higher levels of Maths achievement and Maths clubs have the potential to really make a difference by feeding these attitudes back into regular lessons. An effective Maths club can help interest in Maths spread.

Science and Eco Club

The club aims to involve children in action based programmes related to environment. Students are encouraged to understand environment and environment problems. There is an exchange of science and technology information, knowledge experience and material among students. The club imparts information about importance of trees particularly about their ecological values. It provides environmental education opportunities for school children. It makes a positive impact on the young minds by prompting scientific temper in young minds.

Heritage Club

To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture and to take pride in the unique diversity of India’s cultural identity a heritage exhibition was put up to instill a sense of belonging among students and inculcate in young minds a feeling for heritage.

Health and Wellness Club

Wellness education reflects the importance of maintaining a holistic balance between the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of self and community.

International Yoga day was conducted online and students performed various asanas. Various competitions were conducted and the winners were felicitated on the Sports Day.

Creative and Hobby Club

Creative and Hobby club hosted a variety of activities kindling interests of the students in mask making, paper origami etc to name a few ,that provided a creative outlet to the students.