Webinar Masterclass Session with Sunil Chhetri

Today, (21-04-2024), Santhanam Vidhyalaya CBSE organized a webinar Masterclass Session with Sunil Chhetri, The Indian National Football Team Captain under the series of “Pathway to success through Sports” as a part of the Annual Summer Sports Camp.
He started by saying that “By doing every small things correctly with the guidance of coaches every day, magic will happen”
He shared that playing other different kind of games also will make us fit to play football better.
He advised the participants to follow the same pattern of waking up and going to bed on all days to stay strong and healthy and neglect the negative comments from others when they are not going to help us.
Parents and students were benefitted from this excellent webinar.
The webinar was organised as a part of the Summer Sports Camp at Santhanam Vidhyalaya.